Friends, supporters and casual visitors to this site:
We’re passing the baton to you.
We know quality, nutritious school food impacts our kids and our community.  Concerned parents have addressed the issue since the 1990s.  Despite our many efforts, we couldn’t break through the institutional intransigence towards real change. It didn’t matter that a new food service director replaced the old, that a winning candidate for the BOE ran on the school lunch ticket so to speak, or that a consultant was brought in by the district (the resulting 2010 report is still on the district’s website).   It didn’t matter that quite a few districts of the same size have made very significant change.  It didn’t matter that Madison continued to expand a reputation as a “foodie” community, or that nutrition is linked to the achievement gap.  Even federal funding requirements could only strong-arm minimal change.

Here is a list of some of our accomplishments over the last five years:
  • For 3 years, we had a representative at the majority of MMSD Board of Education meetings. This representative implored the BOE to take action.
  • We interviewed two candidates for the BOE in the last school board election. The text from those interviews was posted on this website.
  • We produced an hour long radio show on the sad state of MMSD school food. Our guests included a naturopath, a food service director who is getting it right, and a pair of MMSD six graders who organized a school lunch boycott.
  • We were featured in the HBO documentary “Weight of the Nation”.
  • We were interviewed in Brava Magazine.
  • We participated in the Dane County Childhood Obesity Prevention Collaborative.
  • We presented at the YMCA’s Healthy Living Summit and Isthmus Green Day.
  • We surveyed over 150 parents.
  • We posted the results of a student-led survey of diners at O’Keeffe Middle School on our website.
  • We were quoted in articles in the Wisconsin State Journal, the Isthmus, and by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.
  • Gompers, Lowell and Van Hise PTOs passed resolutions in favor of better food.  These were presented to the Board of Education.
  • O’Keeffe Middle School successfully removed a slushie machine.
  • Chocolate milk and sugared cereals are no longer served at breakfast.
School food is such an easy thing to fix and has huge long-term benefit.  The district’s intransigence gives one pause.
Although we are disbanding as a formal group, our personal commitment remains.  Keep up the good fight, school by school, home by home.
Here’s to good food for great kids!